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Driveway Permit

Note: You must place a stake at the location of the proposed driveway. The stake must be painted white or have white marking tape at the top.

Oversize/Overweight Permit

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Did you know?
You can copy a previously approved Oversize/Overweight permit to reduce the data entry on your next permit.

Right-Of-Way (Utility) Permit

Permit Registration

  • Go to: Dashboard / List of Registrations
    • New Oversize/Overweight User Registration
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      You must complete this registration information before applying for your first Oversize/Overweight permit. If your insurance policy has expired, you must update your insurance information here.

Snowplow Application

If you received an email regarding your snowplow application renewal, the email was sent mistakenly and should be ignored. The 2019 season has not been opened yet and no action is currently needed on your part. Please await further instructions. We apologize for any confusion. Thank you.